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VIP All year Package

Das VIP Package bietet dir ein exklusives Rundum-Paket für kontinuierliche und entspannte Content Creation das ganze Jahr über, um deine Marke auf hochwertige und professionelle Weise zu präsentieren.

A thousand thoughts in your head, a hundred to-dos, one project or launch after another and the recurring question: Which photos should I use this time?

What's your first thought when I tell you, that you'll have enough
visual content for an entire year?

For all your launches, social media appearances, and marketing materials. Even the photos you take on vacation with your iPhone will seamlessly align with your image collection in the future. Your external presence will be consistently cohesive, allowing you to radiate brightly and attract your dream clients.

And all of this without spending ages planning your next photo shoot
because I'll take care of it for you!

With this exclusive sophisticated Personal Brand Photoshoot, you'll have multiple sessions over the course of a year, including styling by an experienced makeup artist who will ensure the extra WOW effect on all your shooting days.

All in your style - your natural beauty will be optimally showcased and highlighted.

Yes, that's sound's perfect!



Iris Seng - Business Story Architect

Are you tired of constantly seeing those artificially posed images and do you want to be seen in your business environment in a natural way?

Have you become bored with your existing pictures and need a new energy because you're in a completely different energy today?

Entrepreneurship is the most significant personal development journey.
On this journey you will change and grow so much and this will be reflected in your business photos. That's why I'm offering this package for an entire year, where you can continue to evolve and capture your inner and outer growth in your picutures. Without stressing over how to prepare for the next shoot, we'll naturally flow in our collaboration after the first session.


What if, ...

...you fall in love with yourself
and your images?

...you truly see yourself in your photos, authentic & real, and beautiful?

...your images show a presence and dynamic that you typically associate with videos?

...the images reflect your expert status?

...you always have enough visual
content to post?

....you improve your self-confidence?

You're already a successful entrepreneur and an expert in your field?

You know exactly how crucial your online appearance is and
how important it is to present yourself as a personal brand?

You want to stand out from the crowd while building a genuine and authentic connection with your soul clients?

For this, high-quality content and exclusive images are essential.

But a crucial factor is your limited time. Organizing new shoots constantly and investing time and energy in planning... you simply don't have the capacity for that. Ideally, you'd like all of this to be taken care of, so you can continue to focus on your core tasks and to-dos.



You'll reach the next level of your online presence with ease.

As an entrepreneur, it's crucial to present a strong and authentic image to stand out from the competition. With this exclusive offer, you can elevate your images to a new level and strengthen your personal branding in a professional manner.

You'll receive three personal brand photoshoots in a year, giving you a vast library of images for all your appearances, launches, and promotional materials. To ensure you shine perfectly in your photos, a professional makeup artist will provide the right glow.





You see the final photos and the question pops into your head: "Is that really me?" This confidence booster allows your new self to emerge. Through the eyes of my camera, you see yourself with your full energy. You start falling in love with yourself and taking better care of yourself. You want more, and you realize that you're worth it!

It's about highlighting your natural beauty, far from perfection. I assure you that with my way of working, you'll get beautiful photos of yourself and in turn, build even more confidence in yourself. You'll realize that it's not about perfect posing or being a model, but about creating real images of yourself.




the new you

You see yourself as others see and perceive you. You develop new self-confidence, feel beautiful and see yourself with entirely new eyes. You know that you don't have to be a model to have outstanding pictures of yourself and you even enjoy being in front of the camera. Finally, you have enough visual content for all your content needs and you no longer have to hide behind graphics, stock photos, and the same old image of yourself.

You shine in your power and radiate
with full energy in your pictures.

You finally dare to step in front of the camera, have the confidence to have your photos taken again and you know that imperfections can be beautiful too.




what is included?

Elevate your Brand

  • We’ll have three high-quality photoshoots over the course of one year.
  • Thanks to these regular sessions, your images will always be up-to-date and will grow with you.
  • Each of the photoshoots will be planned entirely according to your needs and desires, ensuring that the session aligns with your requirements and current plans.
  • Before the first photoshoot, you’ll receive an in-depth personality and brand form to fill out. It will help me to get to know you better and understand what’s important to you. Based on this, I’ll build your concept and start planning.
  • Before each photoshoot, we’ll have a 1-hour planning session via Zoom, and I’ll also be available via WhatsApp for any questions, ideas, or suggestions.
  • We’ll build your image library with portraits, storytelling, props, details, flatlays, still life, and interior shots, depending on what makes the most sense for your brand’s presentation.
  • Alongside the concept development, I’ll also advise you on your outfit selection, ensuring that everything aligns perfectly with your brand message.
  • A stylist will assist you with an outfit- and accessoires selection before each photoshoot, helping you put together suitable outfits and providing shopping recommendations.
  • Full support from a personal stylist, as well as color and style advice, can be booked as exclusive add-ons.
  • Shine brightly with the help of a professional makeup artist, who will accompany you for all your photoshoots.
  • On this day, you’ll be the superstar and will be looked after by experts, who will ensure you feel comfortable and radiate during the shoot. This way, you can relax, enjoy the day, and have fun.
  • Where does the brand shoot take place? Preferably in your business environment. It can take place indoors or outdoors, and locations that align with your brand are available as exclusive add-ons.
  • Travel within Berlin is included, but I’m more than happy to travel with you or for you anywhere.
  • You’ll receive images that truly represent yourself. Unposed and genuine. Thanks to your uniqueness, you’ll attract your soul clients, build a connection with them, and create trust.
  • High-quality images with a wow factor: You’ll receive images where you glow in your full power, allowing you to present yourself to the world in the highest quality and with a professional finish.
  • You’ll receive 90 images per photoshoot, providing you with enough visual content for your social media profiles, website, marketing materials and other business presentations. This will strengthen your brand visually and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.
  • Look & Feel: You can send me up to 100 iPhone images that I will optimize & edit to match the image style, ensuring that your presence remains entirely consistent, even with holiday pictures or snapshots from your daily life.


As a personal brand photographer, I assist other female entrepreneurs with their visual storytelling to attract their soul clients. I give them the courage to show themselves as they are and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I motivate them to be themselves -natural and authentic - in their images. Whether they are thin or curvy, short or tall, with wrinkles or without.

Every woman should step out and present herself to the world

and pursue her dreams.

We can jump into it right away?
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I look forward meeting you!

Are you ready?

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